How to activate the Rights Management protection service from the Azure portal

Applies to: Azure Information Protection

Relevant for: AIP unified labeling client and classic client


To provide a unified and streamlined customer experience, the Azure Information Protection classic client and Label Management in the Azure Portal are deprecated as of March 31, 2021. No further support is provided for the classic client, and maintenance versions will no longer be released.

We recommend that you migrate to unified labeling and upgrade to the unified labeling client. Learn more in our recent deprecation blog.

Use these instructions if you want to activate the Rights Management protection service (Azure RMS) from Azure Information Protection, by using the Azure portal.

  1. If you haven't already done so, open a new browser window and sign in to the Azure portal. Then navigate to the Azure Information Protection pane.

    For example, in the search box for resources, services, and docs: Start typing Information and select Azure Information Protection.

    If you haven't accessed the Azure Information Protection pane before, see the one-time additional steps to add this pane to the portal.

    To open the Azure Information Protection pane, you must have either an Azure Information Protection Premium plan or an Office 365 plan that includes Rights Management. If you have one of these subscriptions but see a message that a valid subscription cannot be found, contact Microsoft Support or use your standard support channels.

  2. Locate the Manage menu options, and select Protection activation.

    Click Activate, and then confirm your action.

When activation is complete, the information bar displays Activation finished successfully.

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