Rights Management SDK 4.2


Versions of the Microsoft Rights Management Service SDK released prior to March 2020 are deprecated; applications using earlier versions must be updated to use the March 2020 release. For full details, see the deprecation notice.

No further enhancements are planned for the Microsoft Rights Management Service SDK. We strongly recommend adoption of the Microsoft Information Protection SDK for classification, labeling, and protection services.


The Rights Management SDK 4.2 is a simplified, next-generation API that enables a lightweight development experience in upgrading your device apps with information protection via Rights Management Services. Developers can build apps that leverage Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) or Azure Rights Management to provide information protection and can easily protect or consume information, while transparently handling complex security practices such as key management, encryption and decryption, policy and permissions creation, secure caching, and communication with AD RMS and Azure RMS services.

Developer audience

The RMS SDK 4.2 APIs use standard programming languages and models for each operating system so, they are easy and familiar to work with.

Supported Operating Systems

This release, RMS SDK 4.2, is available for the following operating systems:

  • Google Android
  • Apple iOS and Mac OS X
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Store
  • Portable C++ for Linux flavored operating systems


Overview - Rights Management Services is an information protection technology that helps safeguard digital information from unauthorized use. Through your rights-enabled applications, content owners will be able to define who can open, modify, print, forward, or take other actions with their content.

Get started- For this release of the RMS SDK 4.2, your quick start approach to a first application is through the development environment setup guides for each of the operating systems / platforms.

Developer guidance and terms - The focus of RMS SDK 4.2 is to help you build AD RMS-enabled applications that leverage Right Management Services, as simply as possible.

API reference - The RMS SDK 4.2 supports several operating systems noted in the table of contents following.