This topic describes the purpose and function of the Rights Management Service Client 2.1.

The RMS Client 2.1 is software designed for your client computers to help protect access to and usage of information flowing through applications that use RMS whether installed on your premises or in a Microsoft datacenter. It ships as an optional download which can be, with acknowledgment and acceptance of its license agreement, freely distributed with your third-party software to enable client access to content that has been rights-protected by use and deployment of RMS servers in your environment.

The RMS Client 2.1, exposes functionality that enables users to create, publish, and consume protected (encrypted) content. Specifically, an RMS-enabled applications leverage the client installed on the end-user machine to perform tasks that it was built to perform in the context of rights management.

The Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 works with RMS Client 2.1. Rights enabled applications built on the RMS SDK 2.1 must use the RMS Client 2.1.

For more information, see the TechNet documentation on the RMS Client 2.1.