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Versions of the Microsoft Rights Management Service SDK released prior to March 2020 are deprecated; applications using earlier versions must be updated to use the March 2020 release. For full details, see the deprecation notice.

No further enhancements are planned for the Microsoft Rights Management Service SDK. We strongly recommend adoption of the Microsoft Information Protection SDK for classification, labeling, and protection services.

Windows Store applications can use the Microsoft Rights Management SDK 4.2 to enable integrated information protection in their application by using the Azure Active Directory Rights Management (AAD RM).

This topic will guide you through setting up your environment for creating your own new apps.


You must have the following software on your development system:

Read the What's new topic for information on API updates, device and environment information, release notes and frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Our UI library provides re-usable UI for consumption and protection operations for developers who don’t want to create their own custom UI - UI Library for Windows Store apps. We also provide a Windows Store app sample application - RMS Sample application for Windows Store.

Configuring your development environment

  • Open Visual Studio.

  • Click File, click New, and then click Project.

  • In the New Project dialog box, click Visual C# and select Blank App (Windows) then click OK.

    Create new project

  • In Solution Explorer, right-click your project, and select Add Reference to open the Add Reference dialog box.

    Add reference

  • In the Add Reference dialog box, click Browse and select the Microsoft.RightsManagement.dll file that is located in the folder you extracted the SDK package in.

  • Managed Apps - For building a managed app, you will have to add this reference; select Windows 8.1->Extensions and check the box for Windows Visual C++ Runtime Package for Windows

    Add extensions

  • Adding Capabilities - Your application will need "Internet (Client & Server)" capability to use the SDK. To add this capability to your app, open the Package.appxmanifest file in the project and navigate to the Capabilities tab to add.

You are now ready to create your own new Windows Store apps.

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