What are application templates?

Application templates in Azure IoT Central are a tool to help solution builders kickstart their IoT solution development. You can use app templates for everything from getting a feel for what is possible, to fully customizing and your application for resale to your customers.

Application templates consist of:

  • Sample operator dashboards
  • Sample device templates
  • Simulated devices producing real-time data
  • Pre-configured rules and jobs
  • Rich documentation including tutorials and how-tos

You choose the application template when you create your application. You can't change the template after the application is created.

Custom templates

If you want to create your application from scratch, choose one of the two custom application templates:

  • Custom application
  • Custom application (legacy)

Choose the Custom application template unless you have a specific reason to use the legacy template.

Industry focused templates

Azure IoT Central is an industry agnostic application platform. Application templates are industry focused examples available for these industries today, with more to come in the future:

  • Retail
    • Connected logistics
    • Digital distribution center
    • In-store analytics - condition monitoring
    • In-store analytics - checkout
    • Smart Inventory Management
  • Energy
    • Smart meter monitoring
    • Solar panel monitoring
  • Government
    • Connected waste management
    • Water consumption monitoring
    • Water quality monitoring
  • Healthcare.
    • Continuous patient monitoring

Next steps

Now that you know what IoT Central application templates are, get started by creating an IoT Central Application.