How to transfer a device to Azure IoT Central from IoT Hub

This article applies to operators and device developers.

This article describes how to transfer a device to an Azure IoT Central application from an IoT Hub.

A device first connects to a DPS endpoint to retrieve the information it needs to connect to your application. Internally, your IoT Central application uses an IoT hub to handle device connectivity.

A device can be connected to an IoT hub directly using a connection string or using DPS. Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning service (DPS) is the route for IoT Central.

To move the device to Azure IoT Central

To connect a device to IoT Central from the IoT Hub a device needs to be updated with:

To interact with IoT Central, there must be a device template that models the properties/telemetry/commands that the device implements. For more information, see Get connected to IoT Central and What are device templates?

Next steps

If you're a device developer, some suggested next steps are to: