Create and manage multiple dashboards

The Dashboard is the page that loads when you first navigate to your application. An builder in your application defines the default application dashboard for all users. You can additionally create your own, personalized application dashboard. You can have several dashboards that display different data and switch between them.

If you are an admin of the application, you also can create up to 10 application level dashboards to share with other users of the application. Only admins have the ability to create, edit, and delete application level dashboards.

Create dashboard

The following screenshot shows the dashboard in an application created from the Custom Application template. You can replace the default application dashboard with a personal dashboard, or if you are an admin, another application level dashboard. To do so, select + New at the top left of the page.

Dashboard for applications based on the "Custom Application" template

Selecting + New opens the dashboard editor. In the editor, you can give your dashboard a name and chose items from the library. The library contains the tiles and dashboard primitives you can use to customize the dashboard.

Dashboard library

If you are an admin of the application, you will be given the option to create a personal level dashboard or an application level dashboard. If you create a personal level dashboard, only you will be able to see it. If you create an application level dashboard, every user of the application will be able to see it. After entering a title and selecting the type of dashboard you want to create, you can save and add tiles later. Or if you are ready now and have added a device template and device instance, you can go ahead and create your first tile.

Configure Device Details" form with details for Temperature

For example, you can add a Telemetry tile for the current temperature of the device. To do so:

  1. Select a Device template
  2. Select a device from Devices for the device you want to see on a dashboard tile. Then you will see a list of the device's properties that can be used on the tile.
  3. To create the tile on the dashboard, click on Temperature and drag it to the dashboard area. You can also click the checkbox next to Temperature and click Add tile. The following screenshot shows selecting a Device Template and device then creating a Temperature Telemetry tile on the dashboard.
  4. Select Save in the top left to save your changes to the dashboard.

Dashboard" tab with details for the Temperature tile

Now when you view your personal dashboard, you see the new tile with the Temperature setting for the device:

Screenshot that shows the new tile with the Temperatures setting for the device.

You can explore other tile types in the library to discover how to further customize your personal dashboards.

To learn more about how to use tiles in Azure IoT Central, see Add Tiles to your Dashboard.

Manage dashboards

You can have several personal dashboards and switch between them or choose from one of the default application dashboards:

Switch between dashboards

You can edit your personal dashboards and delete any dashboards you no longer need. If you are an admin, you also have the ability to edit or delete application level dashboards as well.

Delete dashboards

Next steps

Now that you've learned how to create and manage personal dashboards, you can Learn how to manage your application preferences.