Quickstart: Use Azure IoT Central to monitor your devices

This article applies to operators, builders, and administrators.

This quickstart shows you, as an operator, how to use your Microsoft Azure IoT Central application to monitor your devices and change settings.


Before you begin, you should complete the three previous quickstarts Create an Azure IoT Central application, Add a simulated device to your IoT Central application and Configure rules and actions for your device.

Receive a notification

Azure IoT Central sends notifications about devices as email messages. The builder added a rule to send a notification when the temperature in a connected device sensor exceeded a threshold. Check the emails sent to the account the builder chose to receive notifications.

Open the email message you received at the end of the Configure rules and actions for your device quickstart. In the email, select the link to the device:

Alert notification email

The Overview view for the simulated device you created in the previous quickstarts opens in your browser:

Device that triggered the notification email message

Investigate an issue

As an operator, you can view information about the device on the Overview, About, and Commands views. The builder created a Manage device view for you to edit device information and set device properties.

The chart on the dashboard shows a plot of the device temperature. You decide that the device temperature is too high.

Remediate an issue

To make a change to the device, use the Manage device page.

Change Fan Speed to 500 to cool the device. Choose Save to update the device. When the device confirms the settings change, the status of the property changes to synced:

Update settings

Next steps

In this quickstart, you learned how to:

  • Receive a notification
  • Investigate an issue
  • Remediate an issue

Now that you know now to monitor your device, the suggested next step is to: