Install the IoT Edge runtime on Windows IoT Core - preview

Azure IoT Edge and Windows IoT Core work together to enable edge computing on even small devices. The Azure IoT Edge Runtime can run even on tiny Single Board Computer (SBC) devices which are very prevalent in the IoT industry.

This article walks through provisioning the runtime on a development board running Windows IoT Core.

Currently, Windows IoT Core supports Azure IoT Edge only on Intel x64-based processors.

Install the container runtime

  1. Configure your board with Build 17134 (RS4) IoT Core image.
  2. Turn on the device, then login remotely with PowerShell.
  3. In the PowerShell console, install the container runtime:

    Invoke-WebRequest -o
    Expand-Archive .\ $env:ProgramFiles -f
    Remove-Item .\
    $env:Path += ";$env:programfiles\docker"
    SETX /M PATH "$env:Path"
    dockerd --register-service
    start-service docker


    This container runtime is from the Moby project build server, and is intended for evaluation purposes only. It's not tested, endorsed, or supported by Docker.

Finish installing

Install the IoT Edge Security Daemon and configure it using instructions in this article

Next steps

Now that you have a device running the IoT Edge runtime, learn how to Deploy and monitor IoT Edge modules at scale.