Register a new Azure IoT Edge device with Azure CLI

Before you can use your IoT devices with Azure IoT Edge, you need to register them with your IoT hub. Once you register a device, you receive a connection string that can be used to set up your device for Edge workloads.

Azure CLI is an open-source cross platform command-line tool for managing Azure resources such as IoT Edge. It enables you to manage Azure IoT Hub resources, device provisioning service instances, and linked-hubs out of the box. The new IoT extension enriches Azure CLI with features such as device management and full IoT Edge capability.

This article shows how to register a new IoT Edge device using Azure CLI.


  • An IoT hub in your Azure subscription.
  • Azure CLI in your environment. At a minimum, your Azure CLI version must be 2.0.24 or above. Use az –-version to validate. This version supports az extension commands and introduces the Knack command framework.
  • The IoT extension for Azure CLI.

Create a device

Use the following command to create a new device identity in your IoT hub:

az iot hub device-identity create --device-id [device id] --hub-name [hub name] --edge-enabled

This command includes three parameters:

  • device-id: Provide a descriptive name that's unique to your IoT hub.

  • hub-name: Provide the name of your IoT hub.

  • edge-enabled: This parameter declares that the device is for use with IoT Edge.

    az iot hub device-identity create output

View all devices

Use the following command to view all devices in your IoT hub:

az iot hub device-identity list --hub-name [hub name]

Any device that is registered as an IoT Edge device will have the property capabilities.iotEdge set to true.

Retrieve the connection string

When you're ready to set up your device, you need the connection string that links your physical device with its identity in the IoT hub. Use the following command to return the connection string for a single device:

az iot hub device-identity show-connection-string --device-id [device id] --hub-name [hub name]

The value for the device-id parameter is case-sensitive. Don't copy the quotation marks around the connection string.

Next steps

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