Uploads a file to a Blob storage in chunks, fed through the callback function provided by the user.


#include "azure-iot-sdk-c/iothub_client/inc/iothub_client.h"

IOTHUB_CLIENT_RESULT IoTHubClient_UploadMultipleBlocksToBlobAsync(
  IOTHUB_CLIENT_HANDLE                         iotHubClientHandle,
  const char *                                 destinationFileName,
  void *                                       context

DEPRECATED: Use IoTHubClient_UploadMultipleBlocksToBlobAsyncEx instead **


This function allows users to upload large files in chunks, not requiring the whole file content to be passed in memory.


  • iotHubClientHandle The handle created by a call to the IoTHubClient_Create function.

  • destinationFileName The name of the file to be created in Azure Blob Storage.

  • getDataCallback A callback to be invoked to acquire the file chunks to be uploaded, as well as to indicate the status of the upload of the previous block.

  • context Any data provided by the user to serve as context on getDataCallback.

Return Value

An IOTHUB_CLIENT_RESULT value indicating the success or failure of the API call. DEPRECATED: Use IoTHubClient_UploadMultipleBlocksToBlobAsyncEx instead **