Creates an Attestation Mechanism handle that uses an x509 Attestation with client certificate(s) for use in consequent APIs. Please note that an x509 Attestation with a client certificate is NOT VALID when attached to an enrollment group.


#include "azure-iot-sdk-c/provisioning_service_client/inc/prov_service_client/provisioning_sc_attestation_mechanism.h"

ATTESTATION_MECHANISM_HANDLE attestationMechanism_createWithX509ClientCert(
  const char *  primary_cert,
  const char *  secondary_cert


  • primary_cert A primary certificate for use with the x509.

  • secondary_cert A secondary certificate for use with the x509 (optional - if not using two certs, pass NULL).

Return Value

A non NULL handle representing an Attestation Mechanism using an X509 Attestation with a client certificate, and NULL on failure.