Streaming ingestion policy

Streaming ingestion target scenario

Streaming ingestion is targeted for scenarios in which you have a large number of tables (in one or more databases), and the stream of data into each one is relatively small (few records per sec) but overall data ingestion volume is high (thousands of records per second).

The classic (bulk) ingestion is advised when the amount of data grows to more than 1MB/sec per table.

For more information read Streaming ingestion.

Streaming ingestion policy definition

Streaming ingestion policy can be defined on a table or a database. Defining this policy at the database level applies the same settings to all existing and future tables in the database. If streaming ingestion policy is set at both table and database levels, the table level setting takes precedence. Streaming ingestion policy sets the maximum number of row stores on which the table's streaming data will be distributed. The distribution is needed for both availability and data rate support.

Setting the number of row stores

The number of row stores set in the streaming ingestion policy needs to be defined. This number should be based on the streaming data rate per-table (rough estimation is sufficient). The minimum recommended number of row stores for any table is 4. The maximum supported number is 64. The higher the streaming data rate for the table, the higher the necessary number of row stores needed in the associated streaming ingestion policy. Use the following table for the recommended settings (if in doubt use higher number):

Estimated Peak Hourly Streaming Data Rate (per table) Number of Row Stores
< 1 Gb/hr 4
1 - 2 GB/hr 4-8
2 - 3 GB/hr 8-12
3 - 4 GB/hr 12-16
> 4 GB/hr

please open support ticket for advice|

For optimal query latency, the number of row stores defined per table shouldn't significantly exceed the recommendation above.


If a table doesn't get direct streaming ingestion, but only via update policy, no streaming ingestion policy has to be defined on this table.


When setting streaming ingestion policy for the database, assign the number of row stores that is needed for the table with the highest data rate.

Control commands for streaming ingestion

Control commands are used to manage the streaming ingestion policy.