project-away operator

Select what columns in the input to exclude from the output

T | project-away price, quantity, zz*

The order of the columns in the result is determined by their original order in the table. Only the columns that were specified as arguments are dropped. The other columns are included in the result. (See also project.)


T | project-away ColumnNameOrPattern [, ...]


  • T: The input table
  • ColumnNameOrPattern: The name of the column or column wildcard-pattern to be removed from the output.


A table with columns that were not named as arguments. Contains same number of rows as the input table.


  • Use project-rename if your intention is to rename columns.

  • Use project-reorder if your intention is to reorder columns.

  • You can project-away any columns that are present in the original table or that were computed as part of the query.


The input table T has three columns of type long: A, B, and C.

datatable(A:long, B:long, C:long) [1, 2, 3]
| project-away C    // Removes column C from the output
1 2

Removing columns starting with 'a'.

print  a2='a2', b = 'b', a3='a3', a1='a1'
|  project-away a*