Manage lab accounts in Azure Lab Services

In Azure Lab Services, a lab account is a container for managed lab types such as classroom labs. An administrator sets up a lab account with Azure Lab Services and provides access to lab owners who can create labs in the account. This article describes how to create a lab account, view all lab accounts, or delete a lab account.

Create a lab account

The following steps illustrate how to use the Azure portal to create a lab account with Azure Lab Services.

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select All Services on the left menu. Select Lab Accounts in the DEVOPS section. If you select star (*) next to Lab Accounts, it's added to the FAVORITES section on the left menu. From the next time onwards, you select Lab Accounts under FAVORITES.

    All Services -> Lab Accounts

  3. On the Lab Accounts page, select Add on the toolbar.

    Select Add on the Lab Accounts page

  4. On the Lab Account page, do the following actions:

    1. For Lab account name, enter a name.

    2. Select the Azure subscription in which you want to create the lab account.

    3. For Resource group, select Create new, and enter a name for the resource group.

    4. For Location, select a location/region in which you want the lab account to be created.

    5. Select an existing shared image gallery or create one. You can save the template VM in the shared image gallery for it to be reused by others. For detailed information on shared image galleries, see Use a shared image gallery in Azure Lab Services.

    6. For Peer virtual network, select a peer virtual network (VNet) for the lab network. Labs created in this account are connected to the selected VNet and have access to the resources in the selected VNet.

    7. Specify an address range for VMs in the lab. The address range should be in the classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) notation (example: Virtual machines in the lab will be created in this address range. For more information, see Specify an address range for VMs in the lab.

    8. For the Allow lab creator to pick lab location field, specify whether you want lab creators to be able to select a location for the lab. By default, the option is disabled. When it's disabled, lab creators can't specify a location for the lab they are creating. The labs are created in the closest geographical location to lab account. When it's enabled, a lab creator can select a location at the time of creating a lab.

    9. Select Create.

      Create a lab account window

  5. Select the bell icon on the toolbar (Notifications), confirm that the deployment succeeded, and then select Go to resource.

    Alternatively, select Refresh on the Lab Accounts page, and select the lab account you created.

    Create a lab account window

  6. You see the following lab account page:

    Lab account page

View lab accounts

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Select All resources from the menu.

  3. Select Lab Accounts for the type. You can also filter by subscription, resource group, locations, and tags.

    All resources -> Lab Accounts

View and manage labs in the lab account

  1. On the Lab Account page, select Labs on the left menu.

    Labs in the account

  2. You see a list of labs in the account with the following information:

    1. Name of the lab.
    2. The date on which the lab was created.
    3. Email address of the user who created the lab.
    4. Maximum number of users allowed into the lab.
    5. Status of the lab.

Delete a lab in the lab account

Follow instructions in the previous section to see a list of the labs in the lab account.

  1. Select ... (ellipsis), and select Delete.

    Delete a lab - button

  2. Select Yes on the warning message.

    Confirm lab deletion

Delete a lab account

Follow instructions from the previous section that displays lab accounts in a list. Use the following instructions to delete a lab account:

  1. Select the lab account that you want to delete.

  2. Select Delete from the toolbar.

    Lab Accounts -> Delete button

  3. Type Yes for confirmation.

  4. Select Delete.

    Delete lab account - confirmation

Next steps

See the following article: How to configure lab accounts.