Set up and manage virtual machine pool

This article shows you how to do the following tasks:

  • Increase the number of virtual machines (VMs) in the lab
  • Start all VMs or selected VMs
  • Reset VMs

Update the lab capacity

To increase or decrease the lab capacity (number of virtual machines in a lab), do the following steps:

  1. On the Virtual machine pool page, select Lab capacity: <number> machines.

  2. Enter the new number of VMs you want in the lab. This number must be greater than or equal to the number of users registered in the lab.

  3. Then, select Save.

    Start all button

  4. If you increased the capacity, you can see the VM or VMs being created. If you don't see the new VM in the list, refresh the page.

    VM being created

Start VMs

Start ot stop all VMs

  1. Switch to the Virtual machine pool page.

  2. Select Start all from the toolbar.

    Start all button

  3. After all the VMs are started, you can stop all VMs by selecting the Stop all button on the toolbar.

    Stop all button

Start selected VMs

There are two ways to start selected VMs (one or more). First way is to select the VM or VMs in the list, and then select Start on the toolbar.

The second way is to select one or more VMs in the list, and toggle the button in the State column.

Start selected VMs

Similarly, you can stop one or more VMs by toggling the button in the State column or selecting Stop on the toolbar.

Reset VMs

To reset one or more VMs, select them in the list, and then select Reset on the toolbar.

Reset selected VMs

On the Reset virtual machine(s) dialog box, select Reset.

Reset VM dialog box

Set password for VMs

A lab owner (teacher) can set/reset the password for VMs at the time of creating the lab (lab creation wizard) or after creating the lab on the Template page.

Set password at the time of lab creation

A lab owner (teacher) can set a password for VMs in the lab on the Virtual machine credentials page of the lab creation wizard.

New lab window

By enabling/disabling the Use same password for all virtual machines option on this page, a teacher can choose to use same password for all VMs in the lab or allow students to set passwords for their VMs. By default, this setting is enabled for all Windows and Linux operating system images except Ubuntu. When this setting is disabled, students will be prompted to set a password when they try to connect to the VM for the first time.

Reset password later

  1. On the Template page of the lab, select Reset password on the toolbar.

  2. On the Reset password dialog box, enter a password, and select Reset password.

    Set password dialog box

Connect to student VMs

The lab creator (instructor/professor) can connect to a student VM if the following conditions are met:

  • The Use same password for all virtual machines option was selected when creating the lab
  • The VM is running

To connect to the student VM, hover the mouse on the VM in the list and select the computer button.

Connect to student VM button

Next steps

To learn about other student usage options you (as a lab owner) can configure, see the following article: Configure student usage.

To learn about how students can reset passwords for their VMs, see Set or reset password for virtual machines in classroom labs (students).