View the monthly estimated lab cost trend in Azure DevTest Labs

The Cost Management feature of DevTest Labs helps you track the cost of your lab. This article illustrates how to use the Monthly Estimated Cost Trend chart to view the current calendar month's estimated cost-to-date and the projected end-of-month cost for the current calendar month. This article also shows you how to better manage lab costs by setting spending targets and thresholds that, when reached, trigger DevTest Labs to report the results to you.

Viewing the Monthly Estimated Cost Trend chart

To view the Monthly Estimated Cost Trend chart, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. If necessary, select All Services, and then select DevTest Labs from the list. (Your lab might already be shown on the Dashboard under All Resources).
  3. From the list of labs, select the desired lab.
  4. On the lab's Overview area, select Configuration and policies.
  5. On the left under COST TRACKING, select Cost trend.

    The following screen shot shows an example of a cost chart.

    Cost chart

The Estimated cost value is the current calendar month's estimated cost-to-date. The Projected cost is the estimated cost for the entire current calendar month, calculated using the lab cost for the previous five days.

The cost amounts are rounded up to the next whole number. For example:

  • 5.01 rounds up to 6
  • 5.50 rounds up to 6
  • 5.99 rounds up to 6

As it states above the chart, the costs you see by default in the chart are estimated costs using Pay-As-You-Go offer rates. You can also set your own spending targets that are displayed in the charts by managing the cost targets for your lab.

Additionally, the following are not included in the cost calculation:

  • CSP and Dreamspark subscriptions are currently not supported as Azure DevTest Labs uses the Azure billing APIs to calculate the lab cost, which does not support CSP or Dreamspark subscriptions.
  • Your offer rates. Currently, you can't use the offer rates (shown under your subscription) that you have negotiated with Microsoft or Microsoft partners. Only Pay-As-You-Go rates are used.
  • Your taxes
  • Your discounts
  • Your billing currency. Currently, the lab cost is displayed only in USD currency.

Managing cost targets for your lab

DevTest Labs lets you better manage the costs in your lab by setting a spending target that you can then view in the Monthly Estimated Cost Trend chart. DevTest Labs can also send you a notification when the specified target spending or threshold is reached.

  1. On your lab's Overview pane, select Configuration and policies.
  2. On the left under COST TRACKING, select Cost trend.

    Manage target button

  3. In the Cost trend pane, select Manage target.

    Manage target button

  4. In the Manage target pane, specify your desired spending target and thresholds. You can also set whether each selected threshold is reported on the cost trend chart or through a webhook notification.

    Manage target pane

    • Select a time period during which you want cost targets tracked.
      • Monthly: cost targets are tracked per month.
      • Fixed: cost targets are tracked for the date range you specify in the Start date and End date fields. Typically, this might correspond with how long your project is scheduled to run.
    • Specify a Target cost. For example, this might be how much you plan to spend on this lab in the time period you defined.
    • Select to enable or disable any threshold you want reported – in increments of 25% – up to 125% of your specified Target cost.
      • Notify: When this threshold is met, you are notified by a webhook URL you specify.
      • Plot on chart: When this threshold is met, the results are plotted on the cost trend graph that you can view, as described in Viewing the Monthly Estimated Cost Trend chart.
    • If you choose to Notify when the threshold is met, you must specify a webhook URL. In the Cost integrations area, select Click here to add an integration.

      Enter a Webhook URL in the Configure notification pane and then select OK.

      Configure notification pane

      • If you specify Notify, you must define a webhook URL.
      • Likewise, if you define a webhook URL, you must set Notification to On in the Cost threshold pane.
      • You must create a webhook prior to entering it here.

        For more information about webhooks, see Create a webhook or API Azure Function.

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