Manage artifact metadata in integration accounts for logic apps

You can define custom metadata for artifacts in integration accounts and retrieve that metadata during runtime for your logic app. For example, you can specify metadata for artifacts like partners, agreements, schemas, and maps - all store metadata using key-value pairs. Currently, artifacts can't create metadata through UI, but you can use REST APIs to create metadata. To add metadata when you create or select a partner, agreement, or schema in the Azure portal, choose Edit. To retrieve artifact metadata in logic apps, you can use the Integration Account Artifact Lookup feature.

Add metadata to artifacts in integration accounts

  1. Create an integration account.

  2. Add an artifact to your integration account, for example, a partner, agreement, or schema.

  3. Select the artifact, choose Edit, and enter metadata details.

    Enter metadata

Retrieve metadata from artifacts for logic apps

  1. Create a logic app.

  2. Create a link from your logic app to your integration account.

  3. In Logic App Designer, add a trigger like Request or HTTP to your logic app.

  4. Choose Next Step > Add an action. Search for integration so you can find and then select Integration Account - Integration Account Artifact Lookup.

    Select Integration Account Artifact Lookup

  5. Select the Artifact Type, and provide the Artifact Name.

    Select artifact type and specify artifact name

Example: Retrieve partner metadata

Partner metadata has these routingUrl details:

Find partner "routingURL" metadata

  1. In your logic app, add your trigger, an Integration Account - Integration Account Artifact Lookup action for your partner, and an HTTP.

    Add trigger, artifact lookup, and "HTTP" to your logic app

  2. To retrieve the URI, go to Code View for your logic app. Your logic app definition should look like this example:

    Search lookup

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