Use the CLI extension for Azure Machine Learning service

The Azure Machine Learning CLI is an extension to the Azure CLI, a cross-platform command-line interface for the Azure platform. This extension provides commands for working with the Azure Machine Learning service from the command line. It allows you to create scripts that automate your machine learning workflows. For example, you can create scripts that perform the following actions:

  • Run experiments to create machine learning models

  • Register machine learning models for customer usage

  • Package, deploy, and track the lifecycle of your machine learning models

The CLI is not a replacement for the Azure Machine Learning SDK. It is a complementary tool that is optimized to handle highly parameterized tasks such as:

  • Creating compute resources

  • Parameterized experiment submission

  • Model registration

  • Image creation

  • Service deployment


Install the extension

To install the Machine Learning CLI extension, use the following command:

az extension add -s --pip-extra-index-urls

When prompted, select y to install the extension.

To verify that the extension has been installed, use the following command to display a list of ML-specific subcommands:

az ml -h


To update the extension you must remove it, and then install it. This installs the latest version.

Remove the extension

To remove the CLI extension, use the following command:

az extension remove -n azure-cli-ml

Resource management

The following commands demonstrate how to use the CLI to manage resources used by Azure Machine Learning.

  • Create an Azure Machine Learning service workspace:

    az ml workspace create -n myworkspace -g myresourcegroup
  • Set a default workspace:

    az configure --defaults aml_workspace=myworkspace group=myresourcegroup
  • Create a managed compute target for distributed training:

    az ml computetarget create amlcompute -n mycompute --max_nodes 4 --size Standard_NC6
  • Update a managed compute target:

    az ml computetarget update --name mycompute --workspace –-group --max_nodes 4 --min_nodes 2 --idle_time 300
  • Attach an unmanaged compute target for training or deployment:

    az ml computetarget attach aks -n myaks -i myaksresourceid -g myrg -w myworkspace


The following commands demonstrate how to use the CLI to work with experiments:

  • Attach a project (run configuration) before submitting an experiment:

    az ml project attach --experiment-name myhistory
  • Start a run of your experiment. When using this command, specify a compute target. In this example, local uses the local computer to train the model using the script:

    az ml run submit -c local
  • View a list of submitted experiments:

    az ml history list

Model registration, image creation & deployment

The following commands demonstrate how to register a trained model, and then deploy it as a production service:

  • Register a model with Azure Machine Learning:

    az ml model register -n mymodel -m sklearn_regression_model.pkl
  • Create an image that contains your machine learning model and dependencies:

    az ml image create container -n myimage -r python -m mymodel:1 -f -c myenv.yml
  • Deploy an image to a compute target:

    az ml service create aci -n myaciservice --image-id myimage:1