OpenCV Library Modules

This article describes the modules in Azure Machine Learning Studio that support use of the Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV) Library.


Applies to: Machine Learning Studio

This content pertains only to Studio. Similar drag and drop modules have been added to the visual interface in Machine Learning service. Learn more in this article comparing the two versions.

OpenCV is an open-source library that supports a variety of image processing and image recognition tasks. For more information, see the OpenCV website.

The modules in Machine Learning Studio provide a way for you to easily incorporate the OpenCV Library into your machine learning experiments.

For additional image recognition features, see the image APIs published as part of Microsoft Cognitive Services:

  • Face API. Detects faces and analyzes critical facial attributes, including emotion.

  • Computer Vision API. Supports domain detection, identification of adult content, image tagging, and image type or color analysis.

  • Bing Image Search. Gets images for machine learning projects by searching by type, color, region, and other attributes.

List of modules

The OpenCV Library category includes these modules:

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