Create and share an Azure Machine Learning Studio workspace

To use Azure Machine Learning Studio, you need to have a Machine Learning Studio workspace. This workspace contains the tools you need to create, manage, and publish experiments.

Create a Studio workspace

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal


    To sign in and create a Studio workspace, you need to be an Azure subscription administrator.

  2. Click +New

  3. In the search box, type Machine Learning Studio Workspace and select the matching item. Then, select click Create at the bottom of the page.

  4. Enter your workspace information:

    • The workspace name may be up to 260 characters, not ending in a space. The name can't include these characters: < > * % & : \ ? + /

    • The web service plan you choose (or create), along with the associated pricing tier you select, is used if you deploy web services from this workspace.

      Create a new Studio workspace

  5. Click Create.


Machine Learning Studio relies on an Azure storage account that you provide to save intermediary data when it executes the workflow. After the workspace is created, if the storage account is deleted, or if the access keys are changed, the workspace will stop functioning and all experiments in that workspace will fail. If you accidentally delete the storage account, recreate the storage account with the same name in the same region as the deleted storage account and resync the access key. If you changed storage account access keys, resync the access keys in the workspace by using the Azure portal.

Once the workspace is deployed, you can open it in Machine Learning Studio.

  1. Browse to Machine Learning Studio at

  2. Select your workspace in the upper-right-hand corner.

    Select workspace

  3. Click my experiments.

    Open experiments

For information about managing your Studio workspace, see Manage an Azure Machine Learning Studio workspace. If you encounter a problem creating your workspace, see Troubleshooting guide: Create and connect to a Machine Learning Studio workspace.

Share an Azure Machine Learning Studio workspace

Once a Machine Learning Studio workspace is created, you can invite users to your workspace to share access to your workspace and all its experiments, datasets, notebooks, etc. You can add users in one of two roles:

  • User - A workspace user can create, open, modify, and delete experiments, datasets, etc. in the workspace.
  • Owner - An owner can invite and remove users in the workspace, in addition to what a user can do.


The administrator account that creates the workspace is automatically added to the workspace as workspace Owner. However, other administrators or users in that subscription are not automatically granted access to the workspace - you need to invite them explicitly.

To share a Studio workspace

  1. Sign in to Machine Learning Studio at

  2. In the left panel, click SETTINGS

  3. Click the USERS tab

  4. Click INVITE MORE USERS at the bottom of the page

    Studio settings

  5. Enter one or more email addresses. The users need a valid Microsoft account or an organizational account (from Azure Active Directory).

  6. Select whether you want to add the users as Owner or User.

  7. Click the OK checkmark button.

Each user you add will receive an email with instructions on how to sign in to the shared workspace.


For users to be able to deploy or manage web services in this workspace, they must be a contributor or administrator in the Azure subscription.