Discover and share collections in Azure AI Gallery

Azure AI Gallery is a community-driven site for discovering and sharing solutions built with Cortana Intelligence Suite. The Gallery has a variety of resources that you can use to develop your own analytics solutions.


You can use a collection to group experiments, APIs, and other Gallery items that you use for a specific solution or concept. You can group them to use, to save for later reference, or to share.


To browse collections in the Gallery, under More, select Collections.

Select Collections on the Gallery home page

The Collections page displays a list of recently added and popular collections. To view all collections, select See all. To search for a specific collection, select See all, and then select filter criteria. You also can enter search terms in the Search box at the top of the Gallery page.

You can get more information about a collection on the collection details page. To open a collection details page, select the collection. On a collection details page, in the Comments section, you can comment, provide feedback, or ask questions about the collection. You can even share the collection with friends or colleagues on Twitter or LinkedIn. You also can email a link to the collection details page, to invite other users to view the page.

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You can create a collection that has items that you own or items that have been contributed by the community. An item in a collection can be any Gallery item that addresses a specific solution or concept.

For example, you can use a collection to group items on a specific topic, or you can group a multi-step experiment that solves a complex problem. The initial collections contributed by Microsoft consist of multi-step machine learning experiment templates. You can use the templates to help solve real-world problems, such as online fraud detection, text classification, retail forecasting, or predictive maintenance.

Create a collection

  1. Sign in to the Gallery by using your Microsoft account.

  2. Select your image at the top of the page, and then select your name.

    Select your account name

  3. Select New Item.

    Select "New Item"

  4. On the Description page, for ITEM TYPE, select Collection. Enter a name for your collection, a brief summary, a detailed description, and any tags that might help other users find your collection.

    Enter information for a new collection

  5. On the Image Selection page, select an image that is displayed with the collection. You can upload your own image file, or select a stock image. Choose an image that might help users identify the content and purpose of the collection.

    Enter information for a new collection

  6. On the Settings page, for Visibility, select whether the collection is Public (anyone can view the collection) or Unlisted (only people with a direct link to the collection can view it).


    After you set a collection to Public and then select Create, you cannot later change the collection to Unlisted.

    Select "Public" or "Unlisted"

  7. Select Create.

Your collection is now in Azure AI Gallery. Your collections are listed on your account page, on the Collection tab.

Add items to a collection

To add items to your collection, open the collection, select Edit, and then select Add Item.

Add items to a collection from the details page

A list of items you've contributed to the Gallery is shown on your account page. You also can search the Gallery for items to add. Select the items that you want to add. Every item that you select is included in the set of items to add. The Add button indicates how many items you have selected.

Add to collection

If you find an item that you want to add while you are browsing the Gallery, to open the item, select Add to collection. Select the collection that you want to add the item to.

Add items to a collection from the details page

To change the summary, description, or tags for your collection, open the collection, and then select Edit.

While you are editing your collection, you can change the order of the items in the collection. Use the arrow buttons next to an item to move it up or down in the order list.

To add notes to the items in your collection, select the upper-right corner of an item, and then select Add/Edit note.

To remove an item from your collection, select Remove.

Change details for a collection

Go to the Gallery


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