Discover competitions in the Cortana Intelligence Gallery

Cortana Intelligence Gallery is a community-driven site for discovering and sharing solutions built with Cortana Intelligence Suite. The Gallery has a variety of resources that you can use to develop your own analytics solutions.

Cortana Intelligence Competitions

Competitions provide an exciting opportunity to compete with the community of data scientists to solve complex problems using Cortana Intelligence Suite.

For answers to frequently-asked questions about Competitions, see Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Competitions FAQ.


To browse for competitions in the Gallery, open the Gallery, point your mouse to More at the top of the Gallery home page, and select Competitions.

Select Competitions from the Gallery home page

The Competitions page displays a list of the most popular competitions. Click See all to view all competitions. From this page, you can browse all the competitions in the Gallery. You also can search by selecting filter criteria on the left of the page and entering search terms at the top.

Click any competition to open the competition's details page and read more information. On this page you can comment, provide feedback, or ask questions through the comments section. You can even share it with friends or colleagues using the share capabilities of LinkedIn or Twitter. You can also email a link to the competition to invite other users to view the page.

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Enter a competition

If the competition is open, the status on the details page is Active. To enter the competition, click Enter Competition and you will be given instructions on the resources you need and the steps you need to take.

Competition is active

If the competition has been completed, then a list of winners is shown.



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