Discover industry-specific solutions in the Azure AI Gallery

Azure AI Gallery is a community-driven site for discovering and sharing solutions built with Cortana Intelligence Suite. The Gallery has a variety of resources that you can use to develop your own analytics solutions.

Industry-specific Cortana Intelligence solutions

The Industries section of the Gallery brings together various resources that are specific to such industries as

  • Retail - Find retail solutions such as sales forecasting, predicting customer churn, and developing pricing models.
  • Manufacturing - Find manufacturing solutions such as anticipating equipment maintenance and forecasting energy prices.
  • Banking - Find banking solutions such as predicting credit risk and monitoring for online fraud.
  • Healthcare - Find healthcare solutions such as detecting disease, and predicting hospital readmissions.

These resources include experiments, custom modules, APIs, collections, and any other Gallery items that can help you develop solutions specific to the industry you're working in.


To browse through the industry-specific solutions in the Gallery, open the Gallery, point your mouse at Industries at the top of the Gallery home page, select a specific industry segment, or select View All to see an overview page for all industries.

Each industry page displays a list of the most popular Gallery items associated with that industry. Click See all to view all the industry-specific resources in the Gallery. From this page, you can browse all the resources in the Gallery. You also can search by selecting filter criteria on the left of the page and entering search terms at the top.

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Click any Gallery item to open the item's details page for more information.



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