Discover Jupyter Notebooks in the Azure AI Gallery

Jupyter Notebooks in Azure AI Gallery include code, data visualizations, and documentation in a single, interactive canvas. Notebooks in the Gallery provide tutorials and detailed explanations of advanced machine learning techniques and solutions.


To browse for notebooks in the Gallery, open the Gallery and click Notebooks at the top of the Gallery home page.

The Jupyter Notebooks page displays a list of the most popular notebooks. Click See all to view all notebooks. From this page, you can browse all the notebooks in the Gallery. You also can search by selecting filter criteria on the left of the page and entering search terms at the top.

Click any notebook to open the notebook's details page and read more information. On this page you can comment, provide feedback, or ask questions through the comments section. You can even share it with friends or colleagues using the share capabilities of LinkedIn or Twitter. You can also email a link to the notebook to invite other users to view the page.

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You can download a copy of any notebook from the Gallery into your Machine Learning Studio workspace.

To download a copy of a notebook from the Gallery:

  1. Open the notebook's details page in the Gallery
  2. Click Open in Studio
  3. Select the Region and Workspace you want to use

    Open Jupyter notebook from the Gallery

When you click Open in Studio, the notebook is loaded into your Machine Learning Studio workspace and opened (if you're not already signed in to Studio, you will be prompted to sign in using your Microsoft account before the notebook is copied to your workspace). You can find the notebook again later by clicking Notebooks on the left side of the Studio home page.

Download in Machine Learning Studio

You can also open any of the same Gallery notebooks while you're working in Machine Learning Studio:

  1. In Machine Learning Studio, click +NEW
  2. Select Notebook - a list of notebooks from the Gallery is displayed that you can choose from, or you can find a specific notebook using the search box
  3. Point your mouse at a notebook and select Open Notebook

    Open Gallery notebook from inside Machine Learning Studio

A copy of the notebook is downloaded and opened in your workspace in the Jupyter Notebooks section of Machine Learning Studio. The notebook will be listed, along with your other notebooks, on the Notebooks page of Studio (on the Studio home page, click Notebooks on the left).