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Azure Machine Learning Studio provides an intuitive interface for building machine learning models. There is a Gallery of examples contributed by the community to help you get started. And there is a Forum where you can ask questions to help keep you going.

But sometimes you just need to ask a quick question to unblock you. In Machine Learning Studio look for the chat icon in the top navigation. If you see this icon, that means a member of the product team is online to help you in real time.

Azure ML Chat

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Azure ML Chat Dialog

Don't see the Live Chat Icon?

The Live Chat is staffed by members of the Machine Learning team. If you don't see the live chat icon it's because the team is not currently available. For example, it may be outside of normal working hours.

You can always post your questions on the Machine Learning Forum, where they will be seen by members of the Machine Learning team and other knowledgeable data scientists and developers.


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