Move data to and from Azure Blob Storage

This menu links to technologies you can use to move data to and from Azure Blob storage:

Which method is best for you depends on your scenario. The Scenarios for advanced analytics in Azure Machine Learning article helps you determine the resources you need for a variety of data science workflows used in the advanced analytics process.


For a complete introduction to Azure blob storage, refer to Azure Blob Basics and to Azure Blob Service.

As an alternative, you can use Azure Data Factory to:

  • create and schedule a pipeline that downloads data from Azure blob storage,
  • pass it to a published Azure Machine Learning web service,
  • receive the predictive analytics results, and
  • upload the results to storage.

For more information, see Create predictive pipelines using Azure Data Factory and Azure Machine Learning.


This document assumes that you have an Azure subscription, a storage account, and the corresponding storage key for that account. Before uploading/downloading data, you must know your Azure storage account name and account key.