Microsoft.Common.Section UI element

A control that groups one or more elements under a heading. You use this element when creating an Azure Managed Application.

UI sample



  "name": "section1",
  "type": "Microsoft.Common.Section",
  "label": "Some section",
  "elements": [
      "name": "element1",
      "type": "Microsoft.Common.TextBox",
      "label": "Some text box 1"
      "name": "element2",
      "type": "Microsoft.Common.TextBox",
      "label": "Some text box 2"
  "visible": true


  • elements must contain at least one element, and can contain all element types except Microsoft.Common.Section.
  • This element doesn't support the toolTip property.

Sample output

To access the output values of elements in elements, use the basics() or steps() functions and dot notation:


Elements of type Microsoft.Common.Section have no output values themselves.

Next steps