IoT Edge module offer publishing overview

This section explains how to publish a new Azure IoT Edge module offer to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. An IoT Edge module is a Docker-compatible container that's made to run on an IoT Edge device. Azure IoT Edge modules are the smallest unit of computation managed by IoT Edge, and can contain Azure services or custom solution code. Azure IoT Edge module icon

Publishing process

The high-level steps for publishing an IoT Edge module offer are:

  1. Create the offer
    Provide detailed information about the offer. This information includes: the offer description, marketing materials, support information, and asset specifications.

  2. Create the business and technical assets
    Create the business assets (legal documents and marketing materials) and technical assets for the associated solution (the IoT Edge module images hosted in an Azure Container Registry.

  3. Create the SKU
    Create the SKU(s) associated with the offer. A unique SKU is required for each image you're planning to publish.

  4. Certify and publish the offer
    After the offer and the technical assets are completed, you can submit the offer. This submission starts the publishing process. During this process the solution is tested, validated, certified, then "goes live" on the Azure Marketplace.

Parts of an offer

The following articles cover the key parts of an IoT Edge module offer.

Next steps

Review the technical and business requirements for publishing an IoT Edge module to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.