Manage Azure and AppSource Marketplace offers

This section introduces the general operations used to manage offers for the Azure and AppSource Marketplaces. For example, it explains how to use the Cloud Partner Portal to create and publish a marketplace offer. This section also explains technical issues that are common to most of the offer types, such as text-based and image assets.

Standard offer operations

The Cloud Partner Portal enables a publisher to perform the following basic operations on an offer.

Operation Description
Create offer Creates a pending offer entry in onboarding repository, but does not automatically publish it to a Microsoft marketplace
View offer status Provides the publishing status of an offer. There are multiple places in the portal where status information is displayed.
Publish offer Validates, then posts a completed offer entry to the appropriate Microsoft marketplace. The offer is then said to be live.
Update offer Allows modification of certain characteristics of an existing offer. Applies to both pending and published offers.
Delete offer Deletes an existing pending or live offer.

Next steps

If you are unfamiliar with capabilities and user interface the Cloud Partner Portal, see the section Cloud Partner Portal Tour. Afterwards learn more about creating an offer.