Create a Power BI App offer

This article lists the steps to follow to create a new Power BI App offer for AppSource. Every offer appears as its own entity in AppSource. When you create a new offer in the Cloud Partner Portal, you're required to supply four groups of assets for your offer.

The asset groups are described in the following table:

Asset group Description
Offer Settings The primary identifications and the name for the offer.
Technical Info The installer URL that you use to install the app in the client's Power BI workspace. For more information about how to generate this URL, see Power BI App documentation.
Storefront Details Contains marketing, legal, and lead management assets. Marketing assets include an offer description and logos. Legal assets include a privacy policy, terms of use, and other legal documentation. The lead management policy lets you specify how to handle leads from the AppSource user portal.
Contacts Contains support contact and policy information.

New Offer form

After you sign in to the Cloud Partner Portal, select New Offer in the left pane. Then, to display the New Offer form and start the process of defining assets for a new app offer, select Power BI Apps.

Power BI offer menu item


If the Power BI Apps option is not shown or is not enabled, your account doesn't have permission to create this offer type. Check to ensure that you've met all the prerequisites for this offer type, including registering for a developer account.

Next steps

The following articles explain the tabs on the New Offer page for a Power BI App offer type. Each article describes the asset groups and supporting services for your new Power BI App offer.