Test Drive Marketing and Best Practices

Azure Marketplace Test Drive is a great tool for marketers, and we recommend be incorporated in your go-to-market efforts when you launch. We have several best practices we recommend you do immediately when you publish that will greatly support generating more leads from Test Drive:

  • Referral page: Post a page on your web presence that talks all about your Azure Test Drive and post multiple referral links directing traffic to your test drive
  • Social Media: Create a schedule where you post on your social media channels about your test drive on a regular basis
  • Blogs: Write a blog post about your Azure test drive. Highlight the features and benefits the user will get to experience free of charge and in very little time. Be sure to link to your Azure test drive page in multiple places in the blog copy. Here is a link to a sample blog post about Azure test drive. Even better? Post links to your blog post on your social media channels.
  • Email nurturing: Inform leads that have engaged with your brand via other channels over email to inform them about the test drive and encourage them to try it out for free.
  • Sales training and tools: Set up a training session with your sales teams to demo the test drive experience and come up with a few ways they can engage their leads and customers with it. Sales folks can set up a demo with multiple contacts at a company then send each of them the link to the test drive afterwards to take it themselves.
  • Trade shows and conferences: Got a booth at an industry event that prospective customers will be attending? Set up a few laptops at the booth and have your test drives running so that customers can take the test drive at your booth, then talk to them about the product during and after their experience!

Lead Management

Now that you're generating highly qualified leads from test drive, you'll want to ensure you have incorporated these leads into your sales and marketing channels and you engage with prospects to turn them into paying customers. Here are some recommended practices with regards to driving leads through your sales cycle:

  • Make contact with the lead within 24 hours of them taking the test drive. You will get the lead in your CRM of choice immediately after the customer deploys the test drive -- be sure to send them an email within the first 24 hours while they are still warm. Request scheduling a phone call with them to better understand what problems they are trying to solve, and to see if your product can help.
  • Follow up a couple of times, but don't bombard them. We recommend you email these lead a few times before you close them out, but don't give up after the first attempt. Remember -- these customers directly engaged with your product and spent time in a free trial.
  • They are great prospects!
  • If you close a deal with a test drive lead be sure to register it at Partner sales connect. Also -- we would love to hear about your customer wins where test drive played a role!

Test Drive FAQ is located here: https://github.com/Azure/AzureTestDrive/wiki/Test-Drive-Best-Practices