Determine your publishing option

The publishing option that you choose for your offer relates directly to both the eligibility requirements and commercial marketplace GTM benefits. More importantly, the selection of publishing option and offer type defines how users will interact with your commercial marketplace offer.

To configure your offer, you'll need to understand the following key commercial marketplace concepts: the publishing options, offer types and configuration, and listing options that will govern how and where your offer is presented in the commercial marketplace online stores.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to determine the appropriate online store for your solution.
  • Which publishing options and listing options are available in each online store.
  • Which offer types are available for each publishing option.

Commercial marketplace publishing options

The following table shows the publishing options for offer types in Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

List (Contact) List (Trial) Free BYOL Transact
Virtual Machine Azure Marketplace Azure Marketplace
Azure Apps (multi-VM) Azure Marketplace Azure Marketplace Azure Marketplace
Container image Azure Marketplace Azure Marketplace
IoT Edge module Azure Marketplace Azure Marketplace
Managed services Azure Marketplace
Consulting services Both online stores
SaaS app Both online stores Both online stores Both online stores Both online stores*
Microsoft 365 App AppSource AppSource AppSource**
Dynamics 365 add-in AppSource AppSource
PowerApps AppSource AppSource

* SaaS app Transact offers in Microsoft AppSource are currently credit card only.

** Microsoft 365 offers are free to install and can be monetized via SaaS offer as a licensing service. For more information, see Monetize your Microsoft 365 add-in through the Microsoft commercial marketplace.

Choose a listing option

The listing options that are available offer differentiated customer engagement while giving you access to lead sharing and commercial marketplace benefits. Note the listing options that correspond with the publishing option:

Publishing option Description
List Simple listing of your application or service that enables a commercial marketplace user to request you to connect with the customer via the Contact Me listing options.
Trial Use the commercial marketplace to enhance discoverability and automate provisioning of your solution's trial experience, enabling prospective users to use your SaaS, IaaS, or Microsoft in-app experience at no cost for a limited time before they buy. The listing options used for the trial publishing option are either Free Trial or Test Drive.
BYOL Use the commercial marketplace to enhance discoverability and automate provisioning of your solution, and complete the financial transaction separately. BYOL offer types are ideal for on-premises to cloud migrations. The listing option is Get it Now.
Transact Transact offers are sold through the commercial marketplace. Microsoft is responsible for billing and collections. The listing option is Get it Now.


When using the Transact publishing option, it is important to understand the pricing, billing, invoicing, and payout considerations before selecting an offer type and creating your offer. To learn more, review the article Commercial marketplace transact capabilities.

Selecting an online store

Each online store serves different customer requirements for business and IT solutions. Your offer type, transact capabilities, and category will determine where your offer will be published. Categories and subcategories are mapped to each online store based on the type of solution you publish:

Microsoft AppSource offers business solutions, such as industry solutions and consulting services, for Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform.

Azure Marketplace offers IT solutions built for or on Azure as well as consulting services that accelerate your customers' use of Azure.

Select the category and subcategory that best align with your solution type. For example, a web application firewall is an IT solution that should be published to Azure Marketplace, under the Security category. A contract management app is a business solution that should be published to AppSource under the Sales category. Selecting the incorrect category or subcategory may result in your offer being published to the wrong online store.

Publishing to both online stores (SaaS offers only)

SaaS offers can be published to Azure Marketplace or AppSource. If your SaaS offer is both an IT solution (Azure Marketplace) and a business solution (AppSource), select a category and/or a subcategory applicable to each online store. Offers published to both online stores should have a value proposition as an IT solution and a business solution.


SaaS offers with metered billing are available through Azure Marketplace and the Azure portal. SaaS offers with only private plans are available through the Azure portal.

Metered billing Public plan Private plan Available in:
Yes Yes No Azure Marketplace and Azure portal
Yes Yes Yes Azure Marketplace and Azure portal*
Yes No Yes Azure portal only
No No Yes Azure portal only

* The private plan of the offer will only be available via the Azure portal

For example, an offer with metered billing and a private plan only (no public plan), will be purchased by customers in the Azure portal. Learn more about Private offers in Microsoft commercial marketplace.


Categories and subcategories are mapped to each online store based on the solution type. Select the categories and subcategories that best align with your solution. You can select:

  • At least one and up to two categories. You can choose a primary and a secondary category.
  • Up to two subcategories for each primary and/or secondary category. If you don’t select any subcategory, your offer will still be discoverable under the selected category.
Azure Marketplace AppSource
Analytics Analytics
  Data Insights   Advanced Analytics
  Data Analytics   Visualization & Reporting
  Big Data AI + Machine Learning
  Predictive Analytics   AI for Business
  Real-time/Streaming Analytics   Bot Apps
AI + Machine Learning Collaboration
  Bot Service   Contact & People
  Cognitive Services   Meeting Management
  ML Service   Site Design & Management
  Automated ML   Task & Project Management
  Business/Robotic Process Automation   Voice & Video Conferencing
  Data Labeling Compliance & Legal
  Data Preparation   Tax & Audit
  Knowledge Mining   Legal
  ML Operations   Data, Governance & Privacy
Blockchain   Health & Safety
  App Accelerators Customer Service
  Single-node Ledger   Contact Center
  Multi-node Ledger   Face to Face Service
  Tools   Back Office & Employee Service
Compute   Knowledge & Case Management
  Application Infrastructure   Social Media & Omnichannel Engagement
  Operating Systems Finance
  Cache   Accounting
Containers   Asset Management
  Get Started with Containers   Analytics, Consolidation & Reporting
  Container Apps   Credit & Collections
  Container Images   Compliance & Risk Management
Databases Geolocation
  NoSQL Databases   Maps
  Relational Databases   News & Weather
  Ledger/Blockchain Databases Human Resources
  Data Lakes   Talent Acquisition
  Data Warehouse   Talent Management
Developer Tools   HR Operations
  Tools   Workforce Planning & Analytics
  Scripts IT & Management Tools
  Developer Service   Management Solutions
DevOps   Business Applications
Integration Internet of Things
  Messaging   Asset Management & Operations
IT & Management Tools   Connected Products
  Management Solutions   Intelligent Supply Chain
  Business Applications   Predictive Maintenance
Identity   Remote Monitoring
  Access Management   Safety & Security
Internet of Things   Smart Infrastructure & Resources
  IoT Connectivity   Vehicles & Mobility
  IoT Core Services Marketing
  IoT Edge Modules   Advertisement
  IoT Solutions   Analytics
  Data Analytics & Visualization   Campaign Management & Automation
Media   Email Marketing
  Media Services   Events & Resource Management
  Content Protection   Research & Analysis
  Live & On-Demand Streaming   Social Media
Monitoring & Diagnostics Operations & Supply Chain
Migration   Asset & Production Management
  Data Migration   Demand Forecasting
Mixed Reality   Information Management & Connectivity
Networking   Planning, Purchasing & Reporting
  Appliance Managers   Quality & Service Management
  Connectivity   Sales & Order Management
  Firewalls   Transportation & Warehouse Management
  Load Balancers Productivity
Security   Content Creation & Management
  Identity & Access Management   Document Management
  Threat Protection   Email Management
  Information Protection   Language & Translation
Storage   Search & Reference
  Backup & Recovery   Gamification
  Enterprise Hybrid Storage Sales
  File Sharing   Telesales
  Data Life-cycle Management   Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)
Web   Contract Management
  Blogs & CMSs   CRM
  Starter Web Apps   E-commerce
  E-commerce   Business Data Enrichment
  Web App Frameworks   Sales Enablement
  Web Apps

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