Containers Offer Publishing Guide

Container offers help you publish your container image to the Azure Marketplace. Use this guide to understand the requirements for this offer.

These are transaction offers which are deployed and billed through the Marketplace. The call to action that a user sees is "Get It Now."

Use the Container offer type when your solution is a Docker container image provisioned as a Kubernetes-based Azure container service.


For example, a Kubernetes-based Azure container service like Azure Kubernetes Service or Azure Container Instances, the choice of Azure customers for a Kubernetes-based container runtime.

Microsoft currently supports free and bring-your-own-license (BYOL) licensing models.

Containers Offer

Requirement Details
Billing and metering Support either the free or BYOL billing model.
Image built from Dockerfile Container images must be based on the Docker image specification and must be built from a Dockerfile.
Hosting in ACR Container images must be hosted in an Azure Container Registry (ACR) repository.
Image tagging Container images must contain at least 1 tag (maximum tags: 16).

Next steps

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