SaaS Fulfillment APIs

The SaaS Fulfillment APIs enable independent software vendors (ISVs) to integrate their SaaS applications with the Azure Marketplace. These APIs enable ISV applications to participate in all commerce enabled channels: direct, partner-led (reseller) and field-led. They are a requirement for listing transactable SaaS offers on the Azure Marketplace.


The current version of this API is version 2, which should be used for all new SaaS offers. Version 1 of the API is deprecated and is being maintained to support existing offers.

Business model support

This API supports the following business model capabilities; you can:

  • Specify multiple plans for an offer. These plans have different functionality and may be priced differently.
  • Provide an offer on a per site or a per user billing model basis.
  • Provide monthly and annual (paid upfront) billing options.
  • Provide private pricing to a customer based on a negotiated business agreement.

Next steps

If you have not already done so, register your SaaS application in the Azure portal as explained in Register an Azure AD Application. Afterwards, use the most current version of this interface for development: SaaS Fulfillment API Version 2.