Update an existing offer in the Commercial Marketplace

You can view your existing offers on the Overview tab of the Commercial Marketplace portal in Partner Center.

To update an existing offer that is currently live in the marketplace:

  1. Select the name of the offer you would like to update. The status of the offer may be listed as Live, Publish in progress, Draft, Attention needed, or Not being sold in the marketplace (if you've previously chosen to stop selling the offer). Once selected, the Offer overview page for that offer will open.
  2. Select Update from the overview card, or the menu item from the left navigation, for the area that you would like to update. You may want to update the Offer setup, Properties, Offer listing, Preview, Technical configuration, Plan overview, or Test drive.
  3. Make your changes and then select Save. Repeat this process until all your changes are complete.

Review and publish an updated offer

When you're ready to publish your updated offer, select Publish from any page. The Review and publish page will open. On this page you can:

  • See the completion status for the sections of the offer that you updated:
    • Unpublished changes: The section has been updated and is complete. All required data has been provided and there were no errors introduced in the updates.
    • Incomplete: The updates made to the section introduced errors that need to be fixed or requires more information to be provided.
  • Provide additional information to the certification testing team to ensure that testing goes smoothly.
  • Submit the updated offer for publishing by selecting Submit. We'll email you when a preview version of the updated offer is available for you to review and sign-off.

IMPORTANT: You must review your offer preview, once it's available, and select Go-live to publish your updated offer to your intended audience (public or private).

Update a plan within an existing offer

To make changes to a plan within an existing offer that you've already published:

  • With the Offer overview page open for your existing offer, choose the plan that you want to change. If the plan is not accessible from the Plan overview list, select See all plans.
  • You can choose to select the plan Name, Pricing model, or Availability. Currently plans are only available in English (United States).
  • Select Save after making any necessary changes to the plan name, description, pricing, or audience availability.
  • Select Publish once you are ready to publish your updates. The Review and publish page will open and provide a completion status for your updates.

Delete a draft offer

You can delete a draft offer (one that hasn't been published) by selecting Delete draft from the Offer overview page. This option won't be available to you if you've previously published the offer.

After you confirm that you want to delete the draft offer, the offer will no longer be visible or accessible in Partner Center and the All Offers page will open.

Delete a draft plan

To delete a plan that hasn't been published, select Delete draft from the Plan overview page. This option will not be available to you if you've previously published the offer.

After you confirm that you want to delete the draft plan, the plan will no longer be visible or accessible in Partner Center.

Cancel publishing

To cancel an offer with the Publish in progress status:

  • Select the offer name to open the Offer overview page.
  • Select Cancel publish from the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Confirm that you want to stop the offer from being published.

If you want to publish the offer at a later time, you'll need to start the publishing process over.


You can stop an offer from being published only if the offer hasn't yet progressed to the publisher sign-off step. After selecting Go live you will not have the option to cancel publish any longer.

Stop selling an offer or plan

To stop selling an offer after you've already published it, select Stop selling from the Offer overview page. To stop selling a plan, select Stop selling from the Plan overview page. (The option to stop selling a plan is only available if you have more than one plan in the offer. You can choose to stop selling one plan without impacting other plans within your offer.)

Once you confirm that you want to stop selling the offer or plan, within a few hours it will no longer be visible in the marketplace and no new customers can download it.

Any customers who previously acquired the offer or plan can still use it. They can download it again, but will not get updates if you update and re-publish the offer or plan at a later time.

After your request to stop selling the offer/plan has been completed, you'll still see it in the Commercial Marketplace portal on Partner Center. To delete the draft, select Delete draft from either the Offer overview or Plan overview page.

If you decide to list or sell this offer or plan again, follow the instructions to update an existing offer. Don't forget that you will need to publish the offer or plan again after making any changes.

Remove offers from existing customers

To remove offers from existing customers, log a support request. Select your specific offer type from the Problem type list and then select Remove a published offer in the Category list. Submit the request. The support team will guide you through the offer removal process.

Sync private plan audiences

If your offer includes one or more plans that are configured to only be available to a private restricted audience, it's possible to update only the audience who can access that private plan without publishing other changes to the offer.

To update and sync the private audience for your plan(s):

  • Modify the audience in one or more private plans using the + Add ID or Import customers (csv) button and then save the changes.
  • Select Sync private audience from the Plan overview page.

Sync private audience will publish only the changes to your private audiences, without publishing any other updates you might have made to the draft offer.

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