Azure CLI examples for Azure Media Services

The following table includes links to Azure CLI examples for Azure Media Services.

Create a Media Services account Creates an Azure Media Services account. Also, creates a service principal that can be used to access APIs to programmatically manage the account.
Reset account credentials Resets your account credentials and gets the app.config settings back.
Create assets Creates a Media Services Asset to upload content to.
Upload a file Uploads a local file to a storage container.
Publish an asset Creates a Streaming Locator and gets Streaming URLs back.
Transforms and Jobs
Create transforms Shows how to create transforms. Transforms describe a simple workflow of tasks for processing your video or audio files (often referred to as a "recipe").
You should always check if a Transform with desired name and "recipe" already exist. If it does, reuse it.
Create jobs Submits a Job to a simple encoding Transform using HTTPs URL.
Create EventGrid Creates an account level Event Grid subscription for Job State Changes.

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