Create a job input from an HTTPS URL

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In Media Services v3, when you submit Jobs to process your videos, you have to tell Media Services where to find the input video. One of the options is to specify an HTTPS URL as a job input (as shown in this example). Note that currently, AMS v3 does not support chunked transfer encoding over HTTPS URLs. For a full example, see this GitHub sample.


Before you start developing, review Developing with Media Services v3 APIs (includes information on accessing APIs, naming conventions, etc.)

.NET sample

The following code shows how to create a job with an HTTPS URL input.

private static async Task<Job> SubmitJobAsync(IAzureMediaServicesClient client,
    string resourceGroupName,
    string accountName,
    string transformName,
    string outputAssetName,
    string jobName)
    // This example shows how to encode from any HTTPs source URL - a new feature of the v3 API.  
    // Change the URL to any accessible HTTPs URL or SAS URL from Azure.
    JobInputHttp jobInput =
        new JobInputHttp(files: new[] { "" });

    JobOutput[] jobOutputs =
        new JobOutputAsset(outputAssetName),

    // In this example, we are assuming that the job name is unique.
    // If you already have a job with the desired name, use the Jobs.Get method
    // to get the existing job. In Media Services v3, Get methods on entities returns null 
    // if the entity doesn't exist (a case-insensitive check on the name).
    Job job = await client.Jobs.CreateAsync(
        new Job
            Input = jobInput,
            Outputs = jobOutputs,

    return job;

Job error codes

See Error codes.

Next steps

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