Streaming Policies

In Azure Media Services v3, Streaming Policies enable you to define streaming protocols and encryption options for your Streaming Locators. Media Services v3 provides some predefined Streaming Policies so that you can use them directly for trial or production.

The currently available predefined Streaming Policies:

  • 'Predefined_DownloadOnly'
  • 'Predefined_ClearStreamingOnly'
  • 'Predefined_DownloadAndClearStreaming'
  • 'Predefined_ClearKey'
  • 'Predefined_MultiDrmCencStreaming'
  • 'Predefined_MultiDrmStreaming'

The following "Decision tree" helps you choose a predefined Streaming Policy for your scenario.


  • Properties of Streaming Policies that are of the Datetime type are always in UTC format.
  • You should design a limited set of policies for your Media Service account and reuse them for your Streaming Locators whenever the same options are needed. For more information, see Quotas and limits.

Decision tree

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Diagram showing a decision tree that is designed to help you choose a predefined Streaming Policy for your scenario.

If encrypting your content, you need to create a Content Key Policy, the Content Key Policy is not needed for clear streaming or downloading.

If you have special requirements (for example, if you want to specify different protocols, need to use a custom key delivery service, or need to use a clear audio track), you can create a custom Streaming Policy.

Get a Streaming Policy definition

If you want to see the definition of a Streaming Policy, use Get and specify the policy name. For example:





  "name": "clearStreamingPolicy",
  "id": "/subscriptions/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000/resourceGroups/contoso/providers/Microsoft.Media/mediaservices/contosomedia/streamingPolicies/clearStreamingPolicy",
  "type": "Microsoft.Media/mediaservices/streamingPolicies",
  "properties": {
    "created": "2018-08-08T18:29:30.8501486Z",
    "noEncryption": {
      "enabledProtocols": {
        "download": true,
        "dash": true,
        "hls": true,
        "smoothStreaming": true

Filtering, ordering, paging

See Filtering, ordering, paging of Media Services entities.

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