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The Azure CLI script in this article shows how to create a transform. Transforms describe a simple workflow of tasks for processing your video or audio files (often referred to as a "recipe"). You should always check if a Transform with desired name and "recipe" already exist. If it does, you should reuse it.


Create a Media Services account.


You can only specify a path to a custom Standard Encoder preset JSON file for StandardEncoderPreset, see the encode with a custom transform example.

You cannot pass a file name when using BuiltInStandardEncoderPreset.

Example script


# Update the following variables for your own settings:

# Create a simple Transform for Adaptive Bitrate Encoding
az ams transform create \
 --name myFirstTransform \
 --preset AdaptiveStreaming \
 --description 'a simple Transform for Adaptive Bitrate Encoding' \
 -g $resourceGroup \
 -a $amsAccountName \

 # Create a Transform for Video Analyer Preset
az ams transform create \
 --name videoAnalyzerTransform \
 --preset  VideoAnalyzer \
 -g $resourceGroup \
 -a $amsAccountName \

 # Create a Transform for Audio Analzyer Preset
az ams transform create \
 --name audioAnalyzerTransform \
 --preset  AudioAnalyzer \
 -g $resourceGroup \
 -a $amsAccountName \

# List all the Transforms in an account
az ams transform list -a $amsAccountName -g $resourceGroup

echo "press  [ENTER]  to continue."
read continue

Next steps

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