How to scale encoding with .NET SDK


To get the latest version of Java SDK and get started developing with Java, see Get started with the Java client SDK for Media Services.
To download the latest PHP SDK for Media Services, look for version 0.5.7 of the Microsoft/WindowAzure package in the Packagist repository.



Make sure to review the Overview to get more information about scaling media processing.

To change the reserved unit type and the number of encoding reserved units using .NET SDK, do the following:

IEncodingReservedUnit encodingS1ReservedUnit = _context.EncodingReservedUnits.FirstOrDefault();
encodingS1ReservedUnit.ReservedUnitType = ReservedUnitType.Basic; // Corresponds to S1
Console.WriteLine("Reserved Unit Type: {0}", encodingS1ReservedUnit.ReservedUnitType);

encodingS1ReservedUnit.CurrentReservedUnits = 2;

Console.WriteLine("Number of reserved units: {0}", encodingS1ReservedUnit.CurrentReservedUnits);

Opening a Support Ticket

By default every Media Services account can scale to up to 10 S2 or S3 Media Reserved Units (MRUs) or 25 S1 MRUs, and 5 On-Demand Streaming Reserved Units. You can request a higher limit by opening a support ticket.

Media Services learning paths

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