Encoding error codes

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The following table lists error codes that could be returned in case an error was encountered during the encoding task execution. To get error details in your .NET code, use the ErrorDetails class. To get error details in your REST code, use the ErrorDetail REST API.

ErrorDetail.Code Possible causes for error
Unknown Unknown error while executing the task
ErrorDownloadingInputAssetMalformedContent Category of errors that covers errors in downloading input asset such as bad file names, zero length files, incorrect formats and so on.
ErrorDownloadingInputAssetServiceFailure Category of errors that covers problems on the service side - for example network or storage errors while downloading.
ErrorParsingConfiguration Category of errors where task <see cref="MediaTask.PrivateData"/> (configuration) is not valid, for example the configuration is not a valid system preset or it contains invalid XML.
ErrorExecutingTaskMalformedContent Category of errors during the execution of the task where issues inside the input media files cause failure.
ErrorExecutingTaskUnsupportedFormat Category of errors where the media processor cannot process the files provided - media format not supported, or does not match the Configuration. For example, trying to produce an audio-only output from an asset that has only video
ErrorProcessingTask Category of other errors that the media processor encounters during the processing of the task that are unrelated to content.
ErrorUploadingOutputAsset Category of errors when uploading the output asset
ErrorCancelingTask Category of errors to cover failures when attempting to cancel the Task
TransientError Category of errors to cover transient issues (eg. temporary networking issues with Azure Storage)

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