Playing your content with existing players

Azure Media Services supports many popular streaming formats, such as Smooth Streaming, HTTP Live Streaming, and MPEG-Dash. This topic points you to existing players that you can use to test your streams.

The Azure portal Media Services content player

The Azure portal provides a content player that you can use to test your video.

Click on the desired video (make sure it was published) and click the Play button at the bottom of the portal.

Some considerations apply:

  • The MEDIA SERVICES CONTENT PLAYER plays from the default streaming endpoint. If you want to play from a non-default streaming endpoint, use another player. For example, Azure Media Player.


Azure Media Player

Use Azure Media Player to playback your content (clear or protected) in any of the following formats:

  • Smooth Streaming
  • HLS
  • Progressive MP4

Flash Player

AES-encrypted with Token

PlayReady with Token

DASH Players


To test HLS URLs you can also use:

  • Safari on an iOS device or
  • 3ivx HLS Player on Windows.

Developing video players

For information about how to develop your own players, see Developing video players

Media Services learning paths

Media Services v3 (latest)

Check out the latest version of Azure Media Services!

Media Services v2 (legacy)

Provide feedback

Use the User Voice forum to provide feedback and make suggestions on how to improve Azure Media Services. You also can go directly to one of the following categories: