Quickstart: Invite users to Video Indexer

To collaborate with your colleagues, you can invite them to your Video Indexer account.


Only the account’s admin can add or remove users.

Invite new users

  1. Sign in on the Video Indexer website. Make sure you are connected with an admin account.

  2. If you are the admin, you see the Share account button in the top-right corner. Click on the button and you can invite users.

    Share your account

  3. In the Share this account with others dialog, enter an email addresses of a person you want to invite to your Video Indexer account:

    Invite users to this account

  4. After you press Invite, the person will be added to the list of pending invites.
    You can choose from two options for each invitee who didn't yet join the account: remove invitation or copy invitation URL.

    Pending invites

  5. Once the invitee joins the account, you will see three options to choose from. Two options for roles: contributor (default) or owner. Of, you can choose to remove the invitee by pressing Remove.

    Joined invitee

    Users do not receive a notification upon removal. Once removed, users will not be authorized to log in.

Manage roles, invite more users

In addition to bringing up the Share this account with others dialog by clicking on Share account (as described above), you can do it from Settings.

  1. Press the Settings button in the open account.

    Account settings

  2. Click the Manage roles button.

  3. To invite another user, click Invite more people to this account.

    Invite more users

  4. Once you press invite more people to this account , invite dialog appears

    Invite users to this account

Next steps

You can now use the Video Indexer website or Video Indexer Developer Portal to see the insights of the video.

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