Azure regions in which Video Indexer exists

Video Indexer APIs contain a location parameter that you should set to the Azure region to which the call should be routed. This must be an Azure region in which Video Indexer is available.


The location parameter must be given the Azure region code name as its value. If you are using Video Indexer in preview mode, you should put "trial" as the value. trial is the default value for the location parameter. Otherwise, to get the code name of the Azure region that your account is in and that your call should be routed to, you can run the following line in Azure CLI:

az account list-locations

Once you run the line shown above, you get a list of all Azure regions. Navigate to the Azure region that has the displayName you are looking for, and use its name value for the location parameter.

For example, for the Azure region West US 2 (displayed below), you will use "westus2" for the location parameter.

      "displayName": "West US 2",
      "id": "/subscriptions/35c2594a-23da-4fce-b59c-f6fb9513eeeb/locations/westus2",
      "latitude": "47.233",
      "longitude": "-119.852",
      "name": "westus2",
      "subscriptionId": null

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