Find out what the next hop type is using the Next Hop capability in Azure Network Watcher using the portal

Next hop is a feature of Network Watcher that provides the ability get the next hop type and IP address based on a specified virtual machine. This feature is useful in determining if traffic leaving a virtual machine traverses a gateway, internet, or virtual networks to get to its destination.

Before you begin

This scenario assumes you have already followed the steps in Create a Network Watcher to create a Network Watcher. The scenario also assumes that a Resource Group with a valid virtual machine exists to be used.


The scenario covered in this article uses Next hop to find out the next hop type and IP address for a resource. To learn more about Next Hop, visit Next Hop Overview.

In this scenario, you will:

  • Retrieve the next hop from a virtual machine.

Get Next Hop

Step 1

Navigate to your Network Watcher resource in the Azure portal.

Step 2

Click Next hop in the navigation pane, select the virtual machine and network interface, fill out the source and destination IP, and click the Next hop button.


Next hop requires that the VM resource is allocated to run.

get next hop overview

Step 3

Once the task is complete, the results are provided. The IP address and type of device the next hop is, is displayed. The following table shows the available returned values in the portal.

Next Hop Type

  • Internet
  • VirtualAppliance
  • VirtualNetworkGateway
  • VnetLocal
  • HyperNetGateway
  • VnetPeering
  • None

If a custom route was used to route this traffic, the User-defined route (UDR) is shown as well with the results.

get next hop results

Next steps

Learn how to review your network security group settings programmatically by visiting NSG Auditing with Network Watcher