Upgrade an Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) cluster

Part of the ARO cluster lifecycle involves performing periodic upgrades to the latest OpenShift version. It is important you apply the latest security releases, or upgrade to get the latest features. This article shows you how to upgrade all components in an OpenShift cluster using the OpenShift Web Console.

Before you begin

This article requires that you're running the Azure CLI version 2.0.65 of later. Run az --version to find your current version. If you need to install or upgrade, see Install Azure CLI

This article assumes you have access to an existing Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster as a user with admin privileges.

Check for available ARO cluster upgrades

From the OpenShift web console, select Administration > Cluster Settings and open the Details tab.

If the Update Status for your cluster reflects Updates Available, you can update your cluster.

Upgrade your ARO cluster

From the web console in the previous step, set the Channel to the correct channel for the version that you want to update to, such as stable-4.5.

Selection a version to update to, and select Update. You'll see the update status change to: Update to <product-version> in progress. You can review the progress of the cluster update by watching the progress bars for the Operators and nodes.

Next steps