Restart Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Single Server using the Azure portal

This topic describes how you can restart an Azure Database for PostgreSQL server. You may need to restart your server for maintenance reasons, which causes a short outage as the server performs the operation.

The server restart will be blocked if the service is busy. For example, the service may be processing a previously requested operation such as scaling vCores.


The time required to complete a restart depends on the PostgreSQL recovery process. To decrease the restart time, we recommend you minimize the amount of activity occurring on the server prior to the restart. You may also want to increase the checkpoint frequency. You can also tune checkpoint related parameter values including max_wal_size. It is also recommended to run CHECKPOINT command prior to restarting the server.


To complete this how-to guide, you need:

Perform server restart

The following steps restart the PostgreSQL server:

  1. In the Azure portal, select your Azure Database for PostgreSQL server.

  2. In the toolbar of the server's Overview page, click Restart.

    Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Overview - Restart button

  3. Click Yes to confirm restarting the server.

    Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Restart confirm

  4. Observe that the server status changes to "Restarting".

    Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Restart status

  5. Confirm server restart is successful.

    Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Restart success

Next steps

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