Install the Azure SDK for Python

This article helps you install the Azure SDK for Python. You can use pip to install an older version, check you installation, and uninstall the Azure SDK for Python.

Which Python and which version to use

There are several Python interpreters available - examples include:

  • CPython - the standard and most commonly used Python interpreter
  • PyPy - fast, compliant alternative implementation to CPython
  • IronPython - Python interpreter that runs on .Net/CLR
  • Jython - Python interpreter that runs on the Java Virtual Machine

CPython v2.7 or v3.4+ and PyPy 5.4.0 are tested and supported for the Python Azure SDK.

Where to get Python?

There are several ways to get CPython:

Unless you have a specific need, we recommend the first two options.

Installation with pip

You can install each Azure service's library individually:

pip install azure-batch          # Install the latest Batch runtime library
pip install azure-mgmt-scheduler # Install the latest Storage management library

Preview packages can be installed using the --pre flag:

pip install --pre azure-mgmt-compute # will install only the latest Compute Management library

You can also install a set of Azure libraries in a single line using the azure meta-package.

pip install azure

We publish a preview version of this package, which you can access using the --pre flag:

pip install --pre azure

Install from GitHub

If you want to install azure from source:

git clone git://
cd azure-sdk-for-python
python install

Install an older version with pip

You can install an older version of azure by specifying 'azure==3.0.0' version details.

pip install azure==3.0.0 

Check SDK installation details with pip

You can check azure SDK installation location, version details etc.

pip show azure # Show installed version, location details etc.
pip freeze     # Output installed packages in requirements format.
pip list       # List installed packages, including editables.

To uninstall with pip

You can uninstall all Azure libraries in a single line using the azure meta-package.

pip uninstall azure 


pip uninstall azureremoves the azure meta-package but leaves the individual azure-* packages behind (and others, like adal and msrest ). An aspect of Python and pip is that for all packages that have dependencies, uninstalling the initial package does not uninstall the dependencies. To remove azure- and its supporting packages, run the command pip freeze | grep 'azure-' | xargs pip uninstall -y (and then perform individual uninstalls for adal, msrest, and msrestazure).