What is PyTorch Enterprise?

PyTorch is an increasingly popular open-source deep learning framework that accelerates AI innovations from research to production. At Microsoft, we use PyTorch to power products such as Bing and Azure Cognitive Services and we actively contribute to several PyTorch open-source projects, including PyTorch Profiler, ONNX Runtime, DeepSpeed, and more.

The PyTorch Enterprise Support Program provides long-term support, prioritized troubleshooting, and integration with Azure solutions.

  • Long-term support (LTS): Microsoft will provide commercial support for the public PyTorch codebase. Each release will be supported for as long as it is current. In addition, one PyTorch release will be selected for LTS every year. Such releases will be supported for two years, enabling a stable production experience without frequent major upgrade investment.
  • Prioritized troubleshooting: Microsoft Enterprise support customers, including Premier and Unified, are automatically eligible for PyTorch Enterprise at no additional cost. The dedicated PyTorch team in Azure will prioritize, develop, and deliver hotfixes to customers as needed. These hotfixes will get tested and will be included in future PyTorch releases. In addition, Microsoft will extensively test PyTorch releases for performance regressions with continuous integration and realistic, demanding workloads from internal Microsoft applications.
  • Azure integration: The latest release of PyTorch will be integrated with Azure Machine Learning, along with other PyTorch add-ons, including ONNX Runtime for faster inferencing. Microsoft will continue to invest in the ONNX standard to improve PyTorch inference and training speed.

Get started with PyTorch Enterprise

To get started with PyTorch Enterprise, join the Microsoft Premier or Unified support program. Contact your Microsoft account representative for additional information on different enterprise support options.

If you would like to try out the PyTorch LTS version, you can do so at PyTorch.org.

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